Your own free PSP Web Page will include the following
  • Cartoon of the Day
  • ZipCode TVGuide
  • Personal Email Address Book
  • WebNotepad
  • Your favorite links
  • Weather Forcast
  • "Pick and Search" Search Engines
  • Webster's Dictionary
  • Email Addresses White Pages
  • Software Search Engine
  • Games Search Engine
  • PSP News Headlines
We will even show you how to set up your free webpage as your default starting page in your browser so that everytime you surf the net you start up right on your own web page.

Rock Mall Gives You Your Own Free PSP Web Page
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Here's what people are saying about our FREE PSP WEB PAGE.

Ray sez...I love my PSP Web Page. The personalization of it is a BIG plus. I also like all the search engines right there on one page instead of having to go to seperate sites to go to a different search engine..I just love it. Thank You

Mike sez... My psp(personel start page) has saved me time and money by having my favorite web addresses all on one page where I just have to point and click to go there. The zip-code wheather gives me a more accurate forecast for my area. It's a place to go on the web which is mine and no one else's. It is the only web site that you will find that is built around you.

Lori and Mark say... me and my wife would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done on this web page for psp. It has been really helpful and is really easy to use. We will continue to use your psp and tell our friends about this web page. Once again thank you and keep up the good work.

Allan states... Yes, I like to start my day off with my own page. I list the things I have to do the next day and when I start up in the morning there is my list, my name, and my affirmations for the day with quotes to keep me on my path to success. Thanks again,

Don tells us... I think the idea of letting people have a free psp is a good idea for those who are just getting started on the internet. To set up a psp through your utilities is a no-brainer. Anyone with the least bit of computer knowledge should be able to fill in the blanks.

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